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Bayaud Enterprises gets to be part of the movement to improve oral health outcomes for kids and we also get to offer job training in the form of kit assembly, for people with disabilities and mental illness. It’s a win- win."

- Lonnie Schwindt, Cavity Free at Three Project Manager, Bayaud Enterprises, Inc.

Infant Oral Care Kits can be purchased from Bayaud Enterprises.

Infant Oral Health kits are $7.00 each and can be ordered in bulk. Each includes:

  • One-time application of 5% sodium fluoride varnish treatment to apply during patient visit
  • Fluoride application brush and gauze
  • Patient instructions for post-fluoride treatment
  • Education leaflet for parents
  • Infant toothbrush
  • Caregiver toothbrush
  • Child friendly fluoride toothpaste

 Fluoride varnish requires prescriptive authority and must be applied in a medical or dental office.


Order kits from Bayaud Enterprises



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