How to Become a Medicaid Provider

"There are several myths about becoming a Medicaid provider: reimbursement is low, no-show rates among patients are high; the paperwork is burdensome, etc. In reality, Medicaid is the easiest insurance plan that I work with; it is easy to have a successful business model that includes Medicaid; and, families who are insured by Medicaid are some of my most reliable and grateful patients. Working in my community to curb the epidemic of early childhood caries is rewarding. Being a Medicaid provider is a piece of that solution.”

- Greg Evans, DDS, Owner, Big Grins in Fort Collins

Wanted:  Dental Medicaid Providers!

More than 500,000 children – 40 percent of the population of children ages 0-18 in Colorado – are eligible for public insurance through either Medicaid or CHP+. While both Medicaid and CHP+ include dental as a covered benefit, only half of the children in these programs access any dental care. In rural and underserved communities, this rate is much lower. A major reason for this is a lack of Medicaid dental providers.

  • 21 percent of dentists in Colorado are Medicaid providers, with only 16 percent taking new patients.
  • Less than 10 percent of Colorado’s dentists are significant Medicaid providers, providing 100 or more Medicaid visits per year.
  • 43 of Colorado’s 64 counties are designated as Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas
  • Nine counties are without a dentist.
  • 20 counties do not have a dentist that accepts Medicaid.

Ninety-five percent of all pediatricians in Colorado see Medicaid children in their practices. Our goal is to have all dentists taking Medicaid at the same rate as pediatricians. If every dental provider adds some Medicaid into his or her practice, access to care and health outcomes will improve for hundreds of thousands of needy children. Learn more about how to sign up to be a Medicaid provider. Cavity Free at Three is here to help.