Educating Parents

"Families are hungry for information about how to keep their children healthy. Educating about how to prevent dental disease is hard, however, as it involves changing cultural and home health habits. My greatest successes in educating families start by meeting parents where they are at and encouraging small changes over time. We know that the most effective approach to promoting good oral health in kids it to teach families how to have a lifetime of good nutrition, dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups."

-  Elva Quintana  - Bright Smiles for Bright Futures Case Worker, Dental Aid

The Key Ingredient for Change:  Education

Encouraging good home health habits is critical in breaking the oral disease chain in families. This includes teaching families how to properly feed their children; minimizing saliva transmission from parent to child; promoting good nutrition; and establishing strong tooth-brushing habits. It also involves working with families to help them establish a dental home and to seek routine, preventive care.

Cavity Free at Three offers many educational resources that can be used in both medical and dental settings to help in your efforts to educate families. Browse through the various materials and download and print anything that will help in your efforts to be a prevention specialist in your clinic.